1+ million unfilled jobs in construction



Join and electrical apprenticeship and earn while you learn.  Apprenticeships are an excellent way to get training to make a life-long living wage.

Plumbing & Pipefitters


The plumbing profession offers many variations of employment opportunities. You can be your own boss, be an independent contractor or work for a large national company.



Welders help assemble a variety of products & equipment. The current software of this trade is CAD and AutoCAD. A welder may also work high above the din of city constructing skyscrapers. 

Framing & Drywall


Framing & drywall creates the foundation for all buildings. Building would cease without these skilled workers. This career pathway has a long-term bright future.

General Contracting


A General Contractor works to coordinate all sub-contractors and workers schedules for the project duration.  The GC works with the customer as well to deliver the desired results on budget and on time.

Road Construction


The aging infrastructure of the United States is requiring re-construction on many roads and bridges across this great country. Heavy equipment operators are in high demand due to the heavy road construction demand.