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Young Adults Summer Projects Orientations


Come to the Canon City Workforce Center on April 23rd or May 2nd from 5 PM to 7 PM for an orientation about our Summer Projects Program or SPP 2019!This is a great opportunity to give back to the community as these projects are community based helping out organizations and individuals who need help.  This is a paid position and most of the projects will done outdoors.  Gain skills and add to your resume this summer.  We will provide dinner so come on down!  Please RSVP to 275-7408 Ext 104 or Text "Count Me In" to 719-792-9570

Display real testimonials

"This program changed my life.  I was a foster kid on my own at age 16. They helped me get my CNA and I now make $16/hr and I am working towards my RN.  Not sure where I would be without my career coach and her belief in me." J.R.

"I was in prison for 10 years. After I got out I needed to get CDL training and licensing in order to accept a job. This program was able to assist me and I now have a great job with the state."  B.M.

"I am a single parent and have 3 kids. I did not have a job and no prospects for employment. I had applied for it seemed like 100 jobs and never got an interview. I got engaged with the WIOA program and they put me into a work experience with an employer and I am still working with them today making enough money to support my family. Thank you!" A.U.


What is WIOA?

  1. WIOA is the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It is a program that can assist qualifying individuals with eligible services based on individual needs to gain the skills needed to become employed full time in a decent paying job.  
  2. WIOA is a hand up not a hand out. 
  3. It is a program for people who want to work and are struggling to find their calling.
  4. The ultimate program goal is employment, if this is your goal fill out our triage form and get started today! 
  5. WIOA helps to ignite careers.
  6. WIOA is a program of the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments

How long am I required to participate?

  1. This program requires customer participation throughout the entire program and a post-exit follow up.  The duration varies by each individual.

Who is eligible for WIOA?

  1. It is open to individuals from ages 14 and up with some restrictions.  There is a priority of service for Veteran's, individuals on public assistance, individuals with disabilities and other targeted categories.  Fill out the triage form on this website to see if you are eligible

What can you assist with?  

  1. It is impossible to list all the things WIOA can assist people with but in general training for hot jobs, employer placement  
  2. One thing it cannot assist with is anything to do with the marijuana or hemp industries at this time due to federally funding.