Good Jobs, Good Pay & Benefits


Commercial Truck Drivers

Amazon, Walmart, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Shell and all fuel companies, McDonald's, Safeway, City Market...what do these all have in common?  They need commercial truck drivers and they are willing to pay.

Cyber Security

One of the biggest threats to commercial success if cyber security.  When will the next data breach happen?  Who knows but it will.  Cyber security will exist as a hot job until the end of the internet.

Tourism & Hospitality Management

The tourism and hospitality industry is a valuable industry for area, why? It brings in outside dollars that feed the tax base and pay for community services.  Management in this industry is fun and exciting and often includes travel.


Manufacturing has been around since the development of western civilization.  The automation manufacturing equipment makes this work much more appealing.

Government Jobs

City, County, State, Federal...Military, Corrections Officer, Law Enforcement, Finance, IT, Utilities, Construction, Data Base, Record Keeping...all of these job titles and more can be found in many government job postings.

Internet Technology

System Administrators, Web Developers, Database Administrators, Online Merchants, Information Security Analysts are just some of the job titles you might realize in this industry.